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The word “posture” refers to the alignment and positioning of the human body in relation to gravity. It involves the coordination of various muscles, joints, and ligaments to maintain an optimal balance and alignment of the body’s structures. Good alignement is crucial for overall health and well-being as it ensures proper functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system, supporting organ function, and contributing to an individual’s physical appearance and self-confidence.

It is an importat concept for various reasons:

Musculoskeletal health: good alignement helps distribute the forces exerted on the body more efficiently, reducing the strain on muscles, joints, and ligaments. It minimizes the risk of developing musculoskeletal conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, and joint problems.

Spinal health: the spine plays a vital role in supporting the body and protecting the spinal cord. Good symmetry and alignement helps preserve the natural curves of the spine, which include the cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), and lumbar (lower back) curves. When the spine is properly aligned, the spinal discs, muscles, and nerves are less likely to experience excessive stress and compression.

Improved breathing and organ function: correct posture allows for optimal expansion of the chest and lungs, facilitating better breathing and oxygenation of the body. Additionally, good posture helps prevent the compression of organs within the abdomen, allowing them to function optimally and improving digestion, circulation, and overall organ health.

Enhanced physical performance: Proper posture promotes optimal biomechanics and efficient movement patterns. It enables individuals to generate more strength, power, and coordination during physical activities, whether it’s participating in sports, exercising, or performing everyday tasks.

Pain prevention and management: Maintaining good posture can help prevent the onset of various types of pain, such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Additionally, for individuals already experiencing pain, correcting posture imbalances can alleviate symptoms and aid in pain management.

Improved confidence and mental well-being: Good posture not only has physical benefits but also contributes to an individual’s self-perception and confidence. Standing tall with good posture can convey a sense of poise, assertiveness, and self-assurance. Moreover, research has shown a link between posture and mental well-being, with upright posture being associated with improved mood, increased self-esteem, and reduced stress levels.

Chiropractic care to remodel your body

Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to improve your postural habits, whether you have symptoms or not.

If you think your posture is not optimal, several factors can influence it, including muscular imbalances, sedentary lifestyle, ergonomics, footwear, structural abnormalities (e.g. scoliosis)

Maintaining good posture is vital for overall health, well-being, and physical function. By understanding the importance of posture and implementing strategies to promote optimal alignment, individuals can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal conditions, enhance physical performance, prevent pain, and improve their overall quality of life.

Take a look at our article on posture in our blog (reading time, 3 minutes). We organise spinal and postural checks roughly 6 times/year, they are completely free. Oftentimes, we also discuss the importance of posture within corporate events during our health talks
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Video resource: the importance of posture (4mins)

olly morencyolly morency
09:16 21 Nov 23
An excellent service; Edo helped me with corrections for my back, and advice on how to improve my health span with breath work and improved movement. Strong recommend!
Moira PriestleyMoira Priestley
20:18 15 Oct 23
I found the treatment I received very beneficial. My sciatica has eased a lot and I am sleeping much better. I would highly recommend Alive Chiropractic.
Ben Boughton-WhiteBen Boughton-White
06:04 15 Oct 23
A fantastic chiropractic experience!Dr Edo provides a whole body approach to resolving chiropractic issues. His care plan to help solve your unique issues is fantastic, short and simple adjustments rather than long sessions of big adjustments has worked brilliantly for me. Communications are easy and booking ahead is brilliant for me and my schedule.I can’t recommend Alive highly enough!
Benny CliffordBenny Clifford
15:53 25 Sep 23
Dr Edo has been a great help in getting me moving again, and he is a trustworthy pair of hands in his field of work. Top man!The reception is also very welcoming. I very much recommend this place!
Jane BygravesJane Bygraves
12:30 14 Sep 23
I have a better range of movement and am moving more freely after a course of gentle, thorough treatment with Alive Chiropractic. My energy levels have improved.
Sarah SpadonSarah Spadon
18:48 10 Sep 23
I’ve been adjusted by Dr Edoardo for a number of years now, since I’ve been under care I’ve never had any problems but most importantly he helps me keep my nervous system healthy through maintenance care which allows me to be more in control in all of my day to day activities and keeps my mind healthy. His adjustments are gentle and precise and he is really kind and makes you feel at ease in any moment. Highly recommend!
11:05 10 Sep 23
This is my first experience with chiropractic ever, and it has been life changing! I have a slipped lumbar disc and I was in lots of pain and had very limited mobility. I saw Edo for a few appointments and not only did my back get better, it has stayed that way since! I am doing the exercises he prescribed and now I am only seeing him for maintenance and I feel better than ever, more relaxed and aware of my posture overall . He is a good listener, very informative, professional and communicative.
Isabella WhiteIsabella White
07:15 08 Sep 23
A wonderful experience so far with Dr Edo at his clinic in Poundbury. I have come away from my first six sessions feeling so much more aware and in tune with my body, and I have experienced noticeable changes in my body and mindset also.Dr Edo is professional, knowledge, and believes firmly in his work which he is clearly passionate about. I feel he has an empowering vision, cares deeply, and has a refreshing balance of western and eastern understanding. Because of this, Dr Edo has a deeper, holistic approach by taking into account all aspects of one’s lifestyle (diet, exercise, mental/emotional state) in sessions. For someone like myself who values a holistic perspective on health, Dr Edo’s approach is invaluable and helped me relax and feel at great ease. Sam in reception is lovely and you instantly feel welcomed when coming in for a session also. Thank you to you both. Highly recommend!
Chris CopelandChris Copeland
20:59 16 Aug 23
Dr. Edo has a very calm temperament and his knowledge aids in your own relaxation, which is a help when your own flexibility, mobility or posture are far from relaxed. Sam, the Chiropractic assistant, is the first person to greet you when you arrive and will explain the fundamentals of the practice. The practice is clean, modern and has ample road side parking. The whole experience has been a success and I am now able to move without pain, the new mobility gained will enable me to get on with life and have new experiences and adventures, for this I thank you.
Sonya HendrySonya Hendry
18:21 16 Aug 23
I have been coming to see Ed at Alive Chiropractic since opening. Visiting regularly is enabling me to have a more comfortable and mobile life. The ambiance and warm welcome, along with total professionalism means so much.
A great, professional, friendly service. A whole rounded approach to better well being and healthy body.Thank you!
Tessa AindowTessa Aindow
16:58 13 Jul 23
Brilliant experience. My back has improved so much and I don’t have the same aches and pains. Dr Edo is very professional and gives great advice and exercises to help alongside the adjustments at the clinic.
Malwina TMalwina T
15:56 19 Jun 23
Great and unique treatment. Eased the lower back pain significantly! Changed my outlook on chiropractic treatments and self care. Highly recommend!!!
jill chengjill cheng
09:17 16 Jun 23
I visited the clinic after suffering with low back pain for nearly ten years. The chiropractor helped me regain functionality and quality of life. More importantly, he helped me understand and connect some aspects of my life to my body and how it works, strongly recommended 👍🏻
20:41 14 Jun 23
I have known Edoardo since day one at Chiropractic College, and I have witnessed his growing passion for this profession. His long time experience as a Yoga Instructor, combined to his deep knowledge into the Chiropractic art, science and philosophy, will make your journey towards healthy-living a very pleasant experience. Book that appointment and enjoy feeling better!
Paul AnsellPaul Ansell
12:33 08 Feb 23
All my life I’ve had bad posture and bad back I’ve been to doctors specialists and always same outcome I’ve got to live with it. At the age of 58 I went to this practice and he has done wonders this is the best I have ever been since I can remember. Highly recommend
Zoe RatcliffeZoe Ratcliffe
17:05 30 Jan 23
I attended Alive chiropractor after seeing a special offer they were offering and suffering from a bad back for a long time it felt like a good idea to go see what they said. Since this I have been attending twice a week and the improvements are happening. Edo is very knowledgeable and really wants the best for you he doesn’t just care about the back or other pains you may be having but also acknowledges the impact these things can have on you emotionally and personally. I can’t recommend this service enough.
Michelle LambellMichelle Lambell
21:55 24 Jan 23
Regular sessions with Dr Edo at Alive Chiropractic have made such a big difference to my posture, my way of working at my desk and taught me how to manage my breathing, all of which have led to a big shift in my mindset towards looking after myself and my body.I will happily recommend Alive Chiropractic to my friends.
Paul NicolPaul Nicol
08:22 30 Sep 22
I have just finished initial treatment for my back problem. Appointments with the NHS in the past have never resulted in a diagnosis let alone treatment. However at Alive I received a diagnosis and treatment plan on the initial consultation. This set out exactly how I was going to be treated and cost. Following the treatment I could not be healthier or happier. An exceptionally professional service in which Dr Edoardo Elisei seems passionate about what he does. It is more than just a hands on treatment on his ‘couch’, but a full lifestyle treatment ensuring exercises and diet are in balance to assist recovery and as a preventative for the future. I would be happy to recommend to anyone.
Edo is a great professional, very friendly and knowledgeable. He corrected my posture in only few months, he said this was going to happen and I couldn’t believe it, it was so fast and happened, the changes not only I could feel them but also you can see them. He did the adjustments with a lot of care, with a lot of patience he took the time to give the advices and exercises that I could benefit my posture in the future. I totally recommend him.
10:18 18 Jul 22
When I first met Dr Ed I had problems bending, and worst of all I could hardly move my neck. I was a total painful wreck.Ed takes a very holistic approach, encouraging me to lose weight and work on different rehab exercises to reinforce the manipulations and adjustments he made.Here I am some three months on, I weigh a lot less, I have incredible flexibility in my lower back and can now touch my toes and, best of all. I have full flexibility of my neck.Eds holistic approach really works, he is very approachable and easy to chat about things with.One caveat, Ed knows when you haven’t done your exercises so don’t cheat. :)I cannot thank him enough for the massive improvements in my health and his encouraging me to make little changes for a healthier long term lifestyle.
Elaine DanielElaine Daniel
13:05 07 Jul 22
I saw Edo in March and he was so informative regarding my spinal issues. I have had many treatments from him over the past few months and feel so much better and have more movement and less pain. He provides exercises for clients to help with strengthening muscles which is all part and parcel of chiropractic healing. I would recommend going to see him anytime.


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