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Patient centered care

What it means to have patient’s individual needs and goals as a priority

In the world of modern healthcare, where technology advances at a rapid pace and treatments become more complex, it’s easy to lose sight of the essence of healing—the patient!. The concept of patient-based care is not new. It puts the individual at the heart of their journey towards healing.

Just for a moment, imagine a healthcare system where every decision, every treatment, and every interaction revolves around the unique needs, preferences, and values of the person seeking care. This isn’t just a utopian dream; it’s the essence of patient-based care. At its core, patient-based care is a departure from the traditional doctor-knows-best model. It’s a recognition that healing extends beyond the physical realm, delving into the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of an individual’s well-being. Gone are the days when patients were mere recipients of medical advice; now, they should be considered active participants in their own healing process.


One of the key pillars of patient-based care is communication. In this model, conversations between healthcare providers and patients become dialogues rather than monologues. Picture a scenario where a patient is not just a passive recipient of information but an engaged partner in decision-making. Doctors listen intently to concerns, explain complex medical jargon in plain language, and consider the patient’s values when formulating treatment plans.

This approach transcends the clinical setting, extending its influence to the very structure of healthcare systems. It recognizes that patients are not just cases to be diagnosed and treated; they are individuals with unique stories, backgrounds, and aspirations. By understanding these factors, healthcare providers can tailor their approach to address the holistic needs of each person, fostering a sense of partnership and trust.


Moreover, patient-based care acknowledges the importance of cultural competence. It recognizes that diversity goes beyond demographics and that individual beliefs and cultural backgrounds play a pivotal role in health and healing. By embracing cultural humility, healthcare providers can create an inclusive environment where patients feel seen, heard, and respected.

Imagine a world where the waiting room is not a place of anxiety but a space for connection and understanding. Patient-based care envisions healthcare settings that prioritize empathy, where healthcare providers are attuned to the fears, hopes, and dreams of those they serve. It’s a departure from the sterile, impersonal clinics of the past, fostering an atmosphere of compassion that can be as healing as the treatment itself. In essence, patient-based care is a celebration of humanity within the healthcare system. It’s about recognizing that, beyond symptoms and diagnoses, there is a person seeking solace, understanding, and healing. It’s a shift in perspective that values not just the science of medicine but the art of compassionate care.

As modern healthcare becomes more and more complex, let’s not forget the simplicity of putting the patient first. In doing so, we could create a healthcare landscape where each individual’s journey is not just a medical record but a narrative of resilience, hope, and the enduring power of human connection. Do you think it’s too much to ask?


Evidence based practice

Patient centered, but also, evidence based. Evidence based means there behind any intervention, suggestion, course of action and procedure, there is a rationale which is backed up by valid data. Peer-reviewed articles are not all the same: to be published does not always mean that the study has full validity. Who funded the study? Is there any conflict of interest? Is the study type suitable to what is demonstrated? Is the study double blinded? How many participants? These are only a few of the questions we need to ask when analysing data and its validity. 


Tailored apporach to chiropractic care

At Alive Chiropractic, we have one goal: to serve and help as many people as possible to reach their goals. And because everyone’s goals are different, our care plans are different. We helped and keep helping hundreds of people in Weymouth, Dorchester, Bridport and surrounding areas. If your goal is to resotre proper mobility, live a happier life, call us. We are excited to start working together. 

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