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Body weight squats

5 outstanding benefits

Body weight squats are a popular and effective form of resistance training that utilize the body’s own weight to strengthen and tone the lower body muscles. This exercise, often considered a foundational movement pattern, has numerous benefits that extend beyond building leg strength. In this post, we will explore five outstanding benefits of incorporating BWS into your fitness routine. From improving muscle tone and enhancing functional movement to boosting metabolism and promoting overall health, BWS offer a multitude of advantages for individuals of all fitness levels.
Moreover, the squat as such is known as the primal movement pattern which is able to recruit a vast number of muscle fibers at once. A research from 2014 showed how “the squat movement pattern is arguably one of the most primal and critical fundamental movements necessary to improve sport performance, to reduce injury risk and to support lifelong physical activity“. A good way to exercise your nervous system! So, let’s delve into these benefits and discover why BWS are a valuable exercise to include in your workout regimen.

Leg and Lower Body Strength

 One of the primary benefits of BWS is their ability to strengthen the leg and lower body muscles. As a compound exercise, BWS engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. By performing squats regularly, these muscles become stronger and more toned, improving overall lower body strength. This increased strength has practical implications in daily activities such as walking, running, climbing stairs, and lifting objects, making BWS an excellent functional exercise.

Enhanced Core Stability

While body weight squats primarily target the lower body, they also engage the core muscles. The core plays a crucial role in maintaining stability and proper posture during the exercise. By bracing the abdominal muscles and activating the muscles of the lower back, BWS improve core strength and stability. A strong core not only enhances overall physical performance but also reduces the risk of lower back pain and other related injuries.

Improved Joint Mobility and Flexibility

Performing BWS through a full range of motion helps improve joint mobility and flexibility. Regularly practicing squats can enhance the flexibility of the hips, knees, and ankles, leading to better overall joint health. Increased joint mobility allows for better movement and lowers the risk of injury during daily activities or other exercise routines. More flexibility means more range of motion, and as a consequence less risk of injuries. Additionally, BWS promote better muscle flexibility, which contributes to improved posture and overall body alignment. A variation using the wall is shown below:

Girl squatting

Increased Calorie Burn and Metabolic Boost

Body weight squats are not only beneficial for building muscle but also for burning calories. This exercise activates large muscle groups, leading to an increased heart rate and higher energy expenditure. Performing squats in a high-intensity manner, such as incorporating jump squats or plyometric variations, can further elevate calorie burn. Regularly including BWS in your workout routine can help increase your metabolic rate, contributing to weight loss or weight management goals.

Convenience and Accessibility

One outstanding advantage of body weight squats is their convenience and accessibility.  Unlike other forms of exercise that require specialized equipment or a gym membership, body weight squats can be performed virtually anywhere, anytime. All you need is enough space to move comfortably. This accessibility makes body weight squats a great option for individuals with limited time, resources, or those who prefer home-based workouts. Additionally, modifications and progressions can be easily incorporated to suit different fitness levels, making body weight squats suitable for beginners as well as advanced individuals.

Body weight squats offer a myriad of outstanding benefits, making them an essential exercise to include in your fitness routine. From building leg and lower body strength to improving core stability and joint mobility, body weight squats provide a holistic approach to fitness. Additionally, the calorie-burning potential and convenience of performing squats anywhere make them an ideal exercise choice for individuals with various goals and lifestyles. So, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, incorporating body weight squats into your workout routine can yield remarkable results for your overall health and well-being.


Can body weight squats help your spine and lower back pain?

Learning how to squat properly should be taught in schools. It is one of those primal movements that should become part of everyone’s movement background, because believe it or not, we squat nearly 30 times a day, each day. We squat when sitting, standing, picking up the keys, and so on. So, learning how to squat properly massively reduce the probabilities of having a faulty movement pattern which can (on a long term) affect your lower back. 

Even the mildest degree of flexion of your lower back, can put down the seeds for weaknesses and problems to arise in the future. 

Furthermore, developing strong legs and glutes will help termendously to reduce bodyweight pressure on the lumbars. The glutes are very strong muscles, and glute weakness (mostly caused by too much sitting) has been associated with lower back pain incidence. 

It is not by chance that the squat has been proclaimed “The king” of mevements….

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